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Difference between Film Market and Film Festival

A film festival and a film market are both events that are focused on the film industry, but they have different purposes and structures.

A film festival is an event that focuses on showcasing and promoting films to audiences, critics, and industry professionals. Film festivals typically feature screenings of new films, retrospective screenings of older films, and various other events, such as panel discussions, Q&A sessions with filmmakers, and awards ceremonies. The main focus of a film festival is usually to expose diverse range of cinema to a broader audience, fostering a culture of appreciation, learning and engagement.

A film market, on the other hand, is an event that focuses on the business side of the film industry. It is a marketplace where film industry professionals gather to buy, sell, and network with one another. Film markets usually happen during film festivals. They usually include screenings of new films, meetings between buyers and sellers, and opportunities for filmmakers and industry professionals to network. It is a platform where movies get sold, distribution rights are negotiated and deals are made.

While a film festival focuses on the artistic and cultural aspects of cinema, a film market is primarily focused on the commercial and business aspects of the industry. They often coexist and overlap, but they have different goals and audiences.

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