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Film Market

A film market is an event or marketplace where film industry professionals gather to buy, sell, and network with one another. This is usually happens in conjunction with film festivals. It often includes a range of activities, such as screenings of new films, meetings between buyers and sellers, and opportunities for filmmakers and industry professionals to network. Film markets typically focus on the business side of the film industry and are designed to connect producers, distributors, and sales agents with one another in order to facilitate the buying, selling, and distribution of films. They may also feature panel discussions and other events that focus on the business and financing of film production. Film markets provide opportunities for production companies, sales agents and distributors to sell their movies to international buyers and for those buyers to discover new films for their countries or territories.

The British Films Market is the business counterpart of the Breaking-TV Film Festival and one of the largest film markets in the United Kingdom.

Every year the city of London becomes a hub for independent films as it welcomes The Breaking-TV Film Festival for its annual International Film Festival.

The Breaking-TV Film Festival welcomes the premiere of the film with a red-carpet event, where invited guests including cast, crew, media, General public and celebs get to watch the movie before anyone else.

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