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The Breaking-TV Film Festival World

The Breaking-TV Film Festival and its business counterpart are 3 Major big events held yearly in conjunction with the breaking-tv film festival: 

The Docuworld Film Festival

The British Films Market

The Rising Talents

The Docuworld Film Festival: The Breaking-TV Film Festival Usually opens with the Docuworld film festival where the best documentary from all over compete to win the DFF Award for

- Best Feature Documentary 

- Best British Documentary

- Best Picture Documentary

- Best Serie Documentary

- Best Short Documentary

The British Films Market: Every year global distributors descend on the BFM Expo in London to connect and make deals with small independent filmmakers from all over the globe who are looking to find homes for their films. 

The Breaking-TV Film Festival: With the Big Award ceremony and screenings.

The Breaking-Screen Award will be delivered for:
⭐ Best Film
⭐ Best British Film
⭐ Best Short-Film
⭐ Best British-Short Film
⭐ Best Documentary
⭐ Best Series
⭐ Best Animation
⭐ Best Actress
⭐ Best Actor
⭐Best Director
⭐ Best Female Director
⭐ Best Supporting Actress
⭐ Best Supporting Actor
⭐ Best Comedy
⭐ Best Horror

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