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Sponsorship Opportunity

The Breaking-TV Film festival allows our sponsors to reach a worldwide TV audience Via the Breaking-TV Network app streaming platform and Cinema partnerships. Your company will also benefit from awareness of the festival’s national and international advertising and public relations exposure.

While supporting innovative independent filmmakers. The Breaking-TV Film festival will increase your brand awareness and attract more customers. Our audience is the ideal crowd to promote services, new products, brands and spread information through both physical and digital channels.

As an International Film Festival, our first and primary goal is to introduce and reward independent filmmakers worldwide.  

The Breaking-TV Film Festival encourages and supports world premiere, UK Premiere, and International Premiere at the festival.

Please note that when our official selection of sponsors for the current year is full. Your request will be for the following year.
Currently, our spots left are for the edition of 2023.
Follow the instruction in the form below for more information or to submit your sponsorship request.
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