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Movie Premiere

The world's best new films, series and documentaries.
London Film Premiere

The Breaking-TV Film Festival regularly opens with a high-profile premiere featuring a wide variety of films from local, national, and international filmmakers.

Find out more below about submitting your film and making your movie premiere at The Breaking-TV Film Festival.


 The Breaking-TV Film Festival welcomes the promotion of the film with a red-carpet event, where invited guests including cast, crew, media and celebs get to watch the movie before anyone else.

However, an invitation-only screening for family, cast and crew wouldn’t jeopardize the premiere status.

Although the festival does not impose any premiere requirement on the filmmakers. The Breaking-TV Film Festival encourages and supports world premiere, UK Premiere and International Premiere at the festival. 

Movie Premiere Red Carpet
Find the calendar of 2023 premiere dates for all upcoming new and returning television shows, plus TV movies and specials at the London Film Festival 2023 with our newsletter,
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