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Movie Premiere

The world's best new films, series and documentaries.
London Film Premiere

The Breaking-TV Film Festival regularly opens with a high-profile premiere featuring a wide variety of films from local, national, and international filmmakers.

Find out more below about submitting your film and making your movie premiere at The Breaking-TV Film Festival.


 The Breaking-TV Film Festival welcomes the promotion of the film with a red-carpet event, where invited guests including cast, crew, media and celebs get to watch the movie before anyone else.

However, an invitation-only screening for family, cast and crew wouldn’t jeopardize the premiere status.

 A film premiere is an exclusive event that marks the first public screening of a new movie. There are several different types of film premiere status, which indicate the level of exclusivity and publicity surrounding a film's debut. Here are some of the most common premiere statuses:

  1. World Premiere: This is the first-ever public screening of a film, which typically takes place at a major film festival or in the film's country of origin.

  2. International Premiere: This is the first public screening of a film outside of its country of origin.

  3. European Premiere: This is the first public screening of a film in Europe.

  4. A U.K. film premiere status refers specifically to the premiere of a film in the United Kingdom. This can include a range of premiere types, such as a world premiere, European premiere, or limited-release premiere.

Premiering a film at The Breaking-TV Film Festival can be an important step in the movie's journey towards wider release. A successful premiere can generate buzz and positive word of mouth, which can help secure distribution deals and critical acclaim for the film.

The movie's cast and crew typically walk the red carpet, posing for photographs and conducting interviews with members of the press. The premiere is often attended by the film's director, producer, and stars, who may give a brief introduction or speech before the screening.

Movie Premiere Red Carpet

Although the festival does not impose any premiere requirement on the filmmakers. The Breaking-TV Film Festival encourages and supports world premiere, UK Premiere and International Premiere at the festival. 

Find the calendar of 2023 premiere dates for all upcoming new and returning television shows, plus TV movies and specials at the London Film Festival 2023 with our newsletter,
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