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Our Jury

In comparison to other film festivals, at The Breaking-TV Film Festival the judging process is weighted between the Breaking-TV audience (30%) and the judge's panel (70%).

The diversity of our jury and the involvement of the general public in the voting process is what makes our festival so special for independent filmmakers from all over the world.

The jury will use their expertise and experience to evaluate each film on various criteria such as storytelling, cinematography, acting, and overall impact. They will also consider the film's originality, technical proficiency, and cultural significance. 

The judging criteria is broken into the BTV Film festivals' seven keys:

  1.  Quality: The overall quality of the film, including storytelling, cinematography, acting, and technical aspects.

  2.  Originality: The degree to which the film is original and innovative in terms of its concept, style, and execution.

  3.  Relevance: The film's relevance to the festival's,  audience, or mission.

  4.  Cultural significance: The film's ability to reflect or comment on important cultural, social, or political issues.

  5.  Technical proficiency: The level of skill and expertise demonstrated in the film's production and execution.

  6.  Audience appeal: The film's ability to connect with and engage the audience

  7.  Director and Cast: The reputation and experience of the director, First-time filmmakers. producer and cast

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